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Home to the South-West Louisiana Acoustic Cajun Music Jam, the Battle of the Bows, and the Cajun Squeezebox Shootout.

The SW La Acoustic Cajun Music Jam was chartered as an non-profit, tax exempt organization focused on educating both youth and adults in the unique music and language of Louisiana.

Our volunteers work diligently on the preservation and propagation of all aspects of our Cajun French Heritage. Our open format acoustic Cajun jam sessions are as unplugged as the original Cajun root music was when it began 75 to 100 years ago.

Our mission is to bring generations of people together through the power of authentic "unplugged" Cajun French music. We're particularly dedicated to passing our unique musical traditions down to the youth of today, and the generations to come!

Educational Outreach & Fun Musical Events

Battle of the Bows

The annual Battle of the Bows - Cajun Fiddle Contest is held in October at the Historic Strand Theater in Jennings, Louisiana.

Master Cajun fiddle players gather to show their skills and compete for prizes and recognition. 

Squeezebox Shootout

The annual Cajun Squeezebox Shootout - Cajun diatonic accordion contest is held the Saturday before Mardi Gras at the Historic Strand Theater in Jennings, Louisiana.

Professional and amateur Cajun accordion players gather to show their skills and compete for prizes and recognition. 


Preserving The Precious Cajun Heritage is Our Mission

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A Message From The Founders...

Thank You!

The organization was founded by Doug Dugas, Steve Riley, and Johnny Navarre (father of Kegan Navarre - musician, & great grandson of Cajun music legend Iry Lejeune, and grandson of Ervin Lejeune).

The SW Louisiana Acoustic Cajun Music Jam is recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization and contributions made to it are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

Thanks to Our Wonderful Sponsors!